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The ‘Trampoline’ Works After All

Dmitry Rogozin, current Deputy Prime Minister of Russia for Defense and Space Industry, and Director General of Roscosmos – a Russian state space agency notorious for its involvement in some of the country’s most well-known corruption scandals1, had this to say on US Sanctions imposed against the Russian space industry in 2014: Essentially, Americans want to push us out of the Space Launch Services Market. As for us, we will counter statements with…


Flight 1492 Pilot Accuses Sukhoi – Critical Design Flaw Remains Unsolved

May 5th 2019, Moscow. Regional flight Aeroflot 1492 had taken off, bound to the city of Murmansk. It was operated by a regional aircraft of the controversial Russian-designed Sukhoi Superjet 100 type. In just a few minutes after takeoff, the aircraft got struck by lightning – a common occurrence, which is typically a non-event in modern aviation, thanks to the 21st century engineering and safety regulations. However, the aftermath was anything but common.